Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love primary and I love the primary children! When I was a sunbeam teacher, I took a notebook to class and wrote down all of the funny little things that the children would say each week. By the end of the year and just in time for Christmas, I had collected a ton of little quotes. So I decided to put a book together for each child that included a picture of them, along with the funny little things they had said throughout the year. I had each sunbeam help decorate the cover and then we wrapped them up and the children were able to give the book to their parents for Christmas. The parents LOVED it! 

Do you have any funny quotes from the children in your primary or a funny situation in your mutual class? I would love for you to share! If you read below, you'll note that I'd like to use some of these stories for my upcoming projects.

A couple of my favorites from my sunbeam days:

In Sharing time, the children each took turns sitting on my lap. One day, I was holding a little girl, Becca, when Savannah came up to me and wanted me to hold her instead. I very kindly explained to her that it wasn't her turn, but that it was Becca's turn. Savannah put her hands on her hips and looked me up and down and said, "Well you lap is big enough for both of us!"

In music, the chorister announced to the children that they were going to sing songs about Jesus. Little Ashley popped  out of her chair and yelled, "Hey! Instead, how 'bout we sing about Santa?!"

Please share your stories!